Marble was cool before hipsters

Marble was cool before hipsters

Today I learned that these works exist and that someone thinks they’re “badass”.  I don’t hate a lot of things, but I HATE this art project.  And this whole thing annoys the F!CK out of me. How the hell, does adding glasses to Hercules make him MORE badass?  He just defeated a goddamned lion for f*cks sake, while being completely naked!  Just cause he was cold and wanted the fur! HOW IS THAT NOT BADDASS ALREADY?!

And hipster clothes really only scream “I could dress better, but I’m not gonna, cause I’m cool.  But seriously, I have enough money to.”  Whyyyyy do you need to add hipster clothes to the Goddess of sex/beauty/love/prosperity that hide every single one of her curves?  Those curves, mind you, sent men into bloody naked battle for CENTURIES.  So, yeah, whoever did this can go f!ck themselves in their boring dirty hipster closet of clothes that don’t deserve to be in the same room as any one of these sculptures.


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