Digital Art History, from a Redditor’s perspective

I've been studying Digital Art History this semester in Grad School and we've been getting into the meat of how digital, art, and history come together to really define and shape this emerging discipline. What is digital, what is art, what is history? While I won't try to answer that here now, I did want… Continue reading Digital Art History, from a Redditor’s perspective


Throwback: Brutally Honest CoverLetter

  HELLO AGAIN BLOG I MISSED YOU! In the few years since I wrote this Cover Letter below I've had many fulfilling and wonderful jobs; I've changed cities, I've settled down a little and I even own a couple plants! What's best is, I'm no longer straining for jobs or stressing about work. I'm currently loving my… Continue reading Throwback: Brutally Honest CoverLetter

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley of Walley Films beautifully translate onto film "Unwoven Light" - an ethereal organic sculpture by Soo Sunny Park displayed at Rice University in Texas. "Unwoven Light" is an installation of chain link, small gauge wire, and translucent plexiglass lovingly woven together to form whimsically contoured shapes of bending light.  Like… Continue reading Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light

Street Art is here to stay, sort of If you ever chance to walk into a masterful, beautifully spontaneous, and possibly illegal wall of graffiti or street art, stay a while and take it all in (or spread the love and take a photo), it might not be there when you get back.  I'm not talking about tags done by teenagers who… Continue reading Street Art is here to stay, sort of

Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010 It was important for me to follow my critique of mediocre art some people might actually enjoy, with praise for an art form many might find perplexing or useless. Marina Abramovic is a performance artist. This video is of a surprising dramatic turn in her MoMA installation from 2010, when an ex lover showed… Continue reading Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010