Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010

It was important for me to follow my critique of mediocre art some people might actually enjoy, with praise for an art form many might find perplexing or useless.

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist. This video is of a surprising dramatic turn in her MoMA installation from 2010, when an ex lover showed up to partake of her installation.
For hours a day she sat in a chair silently and emotionally open to all volunteers brave enough to sit and stare with her. If ones eyes are truly the “window into the soul” then our inner soul searching is her art. Each silent personal exchange is a beautifully uncrafted, unmolded window pain: providing an inner experience, unique to each individual. Some might cry, some might stare longingly, some might leave at peace, while others will forever be baffled by what just happened. Whatever truth or emotion or confusion one finds, is the whole purpose of Marina’s brilliant artistic endeavor. Instead of painting her vision onto a canvas for others to dissect, she simply asks “what do you bring with you through life?” And “what can we share together in this moment?” Whilst silently sharing a gaze with a stranger in a red dress, what would you see?

Her newest gargantuan project:

Art makes you feel feels:

Gotta love a good Buzzfeed:


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