Digital Art History, from a Redditor’s perspective

I’ve been studying Digital Art History this semester in Grad School and we’ve been getting into the meat of how digital, art, and history come together to really define and shape this emerging discipline. What is digital, what is art, what is history? While I won’t try to answer that here now, I did want to highlight this amazing project I have been following since I heard about it on April 2nd. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to watch it progress, but I have seen how it has grown since then and am constantly surprised. This project by devoted Redditors I think qualifies as DAH in the quirkiest, internetiest way:

Basically all of Reddit came together for April Fools to create a piece of art one pixel at a time. There were feuds and dissenting artistic visions, there were amazing collaborations and representations of memes as well as nationalistic messages. The final result is a work of jumbled, crazy art. The methods and means outweigh it’s aesthetic value as an image to be sure. But it is the one day historical narrative I find fascinating about this and other Reddit projects taken place over the years. Internet decisions are some of the most immediate kind our human race can decide on, and somehow those minute proclivities created this glorious jumble of images. Behold, internet art in its truest form.


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