Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light

Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley of Walley Films beautifully translate onto film “Unwoven Light” – an ethereal organic sculpture by Soo Sunny Park displayed at Rice University in Texas.

“Unwoven Light” is an installation of chain link, small gauge wire, and translucent plexiglass lovingly woven together to form whimsically contoured shapes of bending light.  Like any true artist, Soo obsessively spent thousands of hours twisting tiny wires and choosing each deceptively colorful piece of plexiglass with care; hundreds of hours forming and shaping the individual 37 pieces of chain link; and finally, dozens of hours installing her completed work.  The resulting art work is obscenely delicate, yet impressively grand in scale and complexity.  She has created a world I’d both love to inhabit, but never feel gentle enough to not disturb.

We are presented with an other-worldly sculpture of subtle light and diaphanous color that transforms the gallery space into a fairy tale meadow, twinkling with imagination, and forever altering our sense of space and depth. With rigid and solid materials, Soo creates gorgeously improvised sculptures that tease the eyes and dare you not to smile in awe and inspiration. Walking through the tiny shafts of individually cast light, we see what Soo means when she talks of perceived barriers and the illusive intangibility of occupied reality.  “Unwoven Light” is impossible to fully frame in words or pictures, as those mediums could never be as harmoniously organic as the work itself.  Soo has created a true work of art, both woman-made and wholly natural – free to change with each movement of the sun, and always dazzling to the senses.

Artist Website:
The Gallery:


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